Friday, 9 May 2014

Holiday Recount

WALT.recount an exciting event so that our reader knows what happened and how we felt.
On Wednesday it was my Mum’s gardening course but me and my big sister had nothing to do so we went too.  We hopped in the van and started to go out of town.  Finally the van stopped I burst  out the door and I saw the place.  ‘This place is amazing ‘ it had lots of large mud houses and trees.  Me and my sister saw a waterfall it was large I was amazed.  We went to the top and saw a nice place to swim.  We saw a long strong rock my sister tested it and she said it is stable.  So we got our clothes and shoes off.  When we were finished we dived in, we both made sure we didn't go under the rock and fall off the waterfall. I was a bit scared about the waterfall still.  Suddenly one little strong wave whooshed me...WHOOSH!!! it was fun I was laughing.
After 20 minutes we were getting hungry  we got  out of the waterfall and then we got dried and got our clothes on.  When we were done we got to the end of the waterfall.  Suddenly \we smelt something nice the people were baking something it was a cake.  I felt ecstatic.  After we ate the cake the course was closing up my mum shouted GIRLS!!! we ran to her “it is time to go she   yelled So we hopped in the van.  Before we all went I shouted ‘will we come here ever again…. ‘some day kids”whispered mum.  


  1. How exciting, I just want to keep reading.

  2. How cool Janita you can draw and create a wonderful photo that you drew. I think that you should chance the red writing because it dose not really good to go with the back.

  3. Hi Janita,I really like the way you described the rock as strong.That remind's me of a time when I was swimming at a waterfall.