Friday, 30 May 2014

My dvolver movie


  1. Great job on your dvolver movie Janita. I really like how you made Troy use his WITS when Jack was being mean to him. Please remember, when you post something you need to say more about, what it is and why we did it. For example you could say... we have been talking about hurtfree stuff in class and we has to create a dvolver movie to show what we should do if someone hurts us at school. Here is mine. I hope you like it! Good done Janita :-)

  2. very good Janita,
    Bully's never get anywhere,
    keep your good attitude

  3. Thank you for commenting on my blog
    and yes bully's don't get anywhere now do they
    and I will keep up my good attitude

  4. Janita I like the way you used Troy do his wits. I'm going to do what Troy did when being bulled. Do you have a walt?

  5. Hi JanitaKWS, I like that you put something realy ugly so that it makes it more real. I think that you should put were Jack says sorry. How do you make more scene ?