Friday, 25 July 2014

Our manners poster

Since last term herby and I where doing a poster about manners.
We did this because  we want to encourage other people to do it
to .I think we did well did on the colours.
but we will do better on the pictures next time.


  1. Hi Janita this is cool I know a lot more about manner's now

  2. Janita, I really like the reflection you wrote about how you think you did. I really liked that you told us what you were doing, what you think you did well and what you think you could do better. Do you think you and Herby worked together well?

  3. Hi Janita, I like the way that you said about our manners and WITS. I hope you get better at it too.

  4. hi janita, like the WITS and manners hope you get better at the manners you and herby did. like the colours.

  5. That's a cool poster Janita and Herby I know a lot more about manners Maybe you should add some designs to it to make it more interesting to look at.So cool Janita and Herby.