Thursday, 3 July 2014

Show (don't tell)

Walt We are leaning to Describe hiding without telling the audience that we are hiding Create our writing to make it interesting to our reader

 20 19 18 17 says my sister counting down slowly Oh no I whispered to myself I wasn't ready yet. I burst Into my room. I hid under the bed I hope she won't find me here A few seconds later I heard “ready or not here I come, yelled my sister in a very scary voice. But all I was thinking was don’t look here don’t look here I don’t want to be in.I was so sore and so hungry from my mums yummy dinner cooking but I kept on saying in my head don't give up Janita don't give up but I couldn't stay there any longer I'm over here I'm over here I yelled I found you your turn OK."Dinner time' yelled my mum.After dinner my mum said "Who wants hot chocolate"."Me"I yelled back to her.

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