Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Fire brigade cup

Fire brigade cup

Thursday morning the seniors were going down to do Fire brigade cup.I was in Soccer .It was a long walk and it was chilli. That's why the soccer group was taking the van.

First we got in the van and sat down. Whaua Linzy zoomed down the road dodging the cars.  We stopped and park we hopped out of the car and helped the rest set up our gazebo.

Next we ate because we wanted some energy before our first game. After some kia we
Went on there felid after a while i was so hot. It was so sweety. It sprinted to the ends of  the field like back and forward.  I slip into the slimy,yucky mud.

Finally it was finish my legs were wobbly I good berly stan. I felt unbalanced. We packed up the gazebo and grabbed our bags. We had to pick up all the rubbish on the field. Then we rushed to the van. Linzy had to do three trips.

We played on the playground until the bell rang. It was so much fun I loved it.

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