Friday, 16 September 2016

The bee people

Early in the morning just when the bell rang for learning time two VIP people called Kathy and Dan came to teach the importance of bees. They told the class important stuff that involved bees like their wings move 200 times in 1 second.’WOW’ I said. The class all gasped with shock. After a while we got split up into two groups . My group went with Dan. We got to play with the bee box. We got to taste  honey. “Yum’ I said. Then I got to taste the wax. “Yuck” I said. Then we tried on the equipment. Then we swapped to see what Kathy had waiting for us.We got to see a lot of bees in the glass box. We all saw the queen bee because she was big and she had a white dot on her head. Then we got a little gift. They were awesome gifts! Then we all said thank you for coming here.

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