Friday, 14 October 2016

My holiday recount!!!

      My holiday recount!!!         

One foggy early Saturday morning Haly, my friend, and I went to the skate park to play on the bouncy castle and rides. There was heaps of stuff set up  that day.

First, we waited in the line very impatiently to ride the go carts. It was so crazy because everyone was crashing into each other. I hopped on the black flame covered go cart and i gripped onto the steering wheel tightly.Then I heard READY…..,SET…... and …. GO!. I was very good because I just corner cut them . I was in the lead. Muhahaha!

Next, we jumped on the huge bouncy castle. It was fun because of the bouncy slide. The slide was so great because it was very steep. But everyone kept on leaning side to side and the whole bridge would fall over. I would always laugh “haha.” I giggled.

Finally, we jumped off the bouncy castle and bought two nice icy, chilly frozen cokes. “Yum” said Haley as she was gulping her frosty drink. “I agree” I said.

I loved that day because I had fun with my friend Haley.

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